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…“Influencers, Killers, philanthropists, celebrities, non-entities, criminals, crimefighters, friends and maybe an enemy…Marcus meets a plethora of people you know….and some you don’t…”


After great success working a project called “How To Kill An Hour”,  Marcus Bronzy asked us to oversee audio production and create process for a seriec of audio interviews for ‘Marcus Meets’ whilst creating a website one can listen to the show on any digital device.

We organised new press photographs, refreshed the whole of and created a space for user to access ‘Marcus Meets’ at

Since launching, Marcus Meets has been:


  • Highlighted in the “New and Noteworthy” section in iTunes within a week of launch.

  • Been part of the top “Buzzed About” and “Interesting Interviews” sections in iTunes

  • Receiving five star reviews from a large audience

  • Rapidly growing with a dedicated fan base

  • 80 percent of listeners acces via


All episodes of Marcus Meets can be found at

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